BestScan® S6 Touch Ultrasound-

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 BestScan® S6 Touch Ultrasound-Engineered for maximum bovine pregnancy diagnosis throughput, the BestScan® S6 Touch Series features a new touchscreen user interface with a clinician-driven menu logic that adaptively adjusts to your imaging needs – “what you need, is what you see”.

BestScan S6 Touch Series with slim and compact size, and ease of use, and probe introducer technology , are providing you with the best of image quality, durability and reliability required by today's large animal veterinarian. In other word, designed to satisfy all veterinarians’ field applications.

Pregnancy testing animals

The Best-Scan® S6 Touch Linear is small in size, but comes up big by delivering exceptional diagnostic power.


●Superior image quality

●Simplified workflow with focused on-farm exams

●7" high resolution, anti-glare touch-screen

●Built-in 4+ hour battery, replaceable

●Ergonomic design to easily switch hands or animal sides

●Light Weight Design to reduce neck/hand strain

●Full Digital Processing

●Multi-Beam Imaging formation technology

●Boot-up in less than 20 seconds

●Save over 3000 Images and more

●Image export via USB/SD supported

●IFR™ optional probe introducers


Simple Touch To Save Time

S6’s touch-screen is highly durable and helps to improve work efficiency, also important

imaging parameters can be automatically optimized with the touch of a button, maximizing

the efficiency of diagnosis workflow.


7-inch LED display

The BestScan® S6 Touch Linear features a 7-inch high definition touch LED screen

delivering excellent contrast resolution,image clarity and vibrant color in any

lighting condition, in turn, makes operating the ultrasound system smartly efficient.

Reproductive testing ultrasound



●Portable , robust, smart Linux systems operated

●7.5 Mhz 60mm linear array transducer(6.0/7.5/8.5/10MHz)

●Bovine pregnancy diagnosis between 30 and 60 days.

●Superior image quality

●Multiple grid setting for measuring and aging fetus

●More than 4 hours replaceable 4000 mAh battery

●Cine loop 512 frames

●Peripheral Ports: USB, TV-OUT (for printer, Goggles)

●Polarity reverse for left/right handed operation

●Scanning depth up to 300mm

●Net weight 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) w.o. transducer

●Splash proof aluminum alloy casing

●Comfortable waist strap

●Rapid real time and freeze zoom from 4 to 16 cm

●Works with I-Scan® Goggles & Bright LCD monitor

●Compatible with Probe Introducers

●Can be used while still charging

●Battery indicator on display

●2 year warranty

●Protective gel sleeve for added protection (optional)

●Full Digital Processing

●Pseudo color imaging

●Multi-Beam Imaging formation technology


Optional Accessories:

Bestscan accessories

Optional Probes:

Bestscan ultrasound probes

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