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CryoSuccess Cryotherapy Pen 

The CryoSuccess is a Swiss made Cryotherapy Pen used to liquid freeze with dexterity. The device allows direct contact between  the borosilicate glass tip and the skin allowing a constant penetrating temperature of -89° C. The Cryosuccess features a safety release valve which enables the user to disconnect the cartridge without wasting gas. It also features optional interchangeable tip sizes that can be sterilised. 

- Large 23.5g Cartridge with Safety Valve
- Approximately 300 seconds of treatment time per Cartridge
- Medical Grade N2O
- Gas Cartridges have no shelf life or evaporation
- Cartridge can be removed and reattached without wasting gas
- Borosilicate Tips can be Sterilised
- Swiss Made
- 2 Year Warranty

Package Includes 
- Cryosuccess Cryotherapy Device
- 1mm Tip
- 1x Large 23.5g Cartridge N2O 
- Protective Carry Case
- 2 Year warranty
This 3m training tutorial includes the following information performed by an Australian GP. 
- Connecting a cartridge
- Using the device
- Removing a cartridge 
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