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In Clinical conditions, the infusion fluid is often different from that of the animal's body temperature, which may cause the on set of hypothermia, spasm, hypodynamia. 

The Fluid Warmer is designed to raise the temperature of the infusion fluid to match the body temperature of the animal. The IV line is clipped into place in the 'S' shape channel within the heating plate.


  • Four parts: Heating source, Power supply, Control module, Shell body
  • Three indicator: Run indicator/ Power indicator/ Alarm indicator
  • LCD Display
  • ℃/℉ Switch Button
  • Portable, easy to use.
  • Bloods or Fluids.




Technical Parameter:


Environmental conditions of transportation and storage
a. Ambient temperature:-40~+55℃
b. Relative humidity:≤80%
Environmental conditions of operation
a. Ambient temperature:5~40℃
b. Relative humidity≤80%
Power supply
Input power
Temperature controlling
a. Liquid temperature at the entrance:15℃~25℃
b. Liquid temperature at the exit:35℃!46℃
c. Display error of temperature: ≤2℃
The power supply will be automatically cut off when the heating plate reaches 47℃+2℃ Meanwhile, the buzzer phone gives an alarm and red-guided light glimmers.
Suitable speed of infusion fluid
40~80 drop/min(2~5.3ml/min)
Max. Weight
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