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SOLARIS HAND HELD EtCO2 & Pulse Oximetry

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Solaris Capnograph brochure

Solaris – Hand held capnography.  Compact, reliable and high performance, offering mainstream or sidestream EtCO2 measurement
The Solaris NT1D-V puts the ultimate "anesthesia disaster early warning system"into the palm of your hand.
Nt1D is compact and portable, with crisp high definition colour screen and choise between mainstream and sidestream C02 combined with digital pulse oximetry. Designed to provide immediate clinical feedback of actual C02 expiration.
Solaris Capnogragh Display Options
  • Measures EtCo2, respiration rate, SpO2(optional) & Pulse rate.
  • Palm size, about the size of a smart phone
  • Choose between mainstream or sidestream Co2(optional)
  • Diagnostic Co2/Spo2 waveforms
  • Audible/visual physiological & technical alarms
  • Pre-set alarm limits for:
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Horse
    • Three-hour grapaghical trend review
    • Durable, compact, lightweight
    • Capnograph with trends; SpO2 with waveforms.
    • Data storage for up to 99 patients; 72 hours per patient.
    • Power charger/cradle included.



      • SpO2 Measurement range: 0-100%
      • SpO2 Accuracy: +2% during 70%-100%; 0% – 69% unspecified
      • Pulse Rate Measurement range: 25 bpm – 300 bpm
      • Pulse Rate Accuracy: 1 bpm +/- 2% (whichever is greater)
      • EtCO2 Measurement range: 0-150mmHg
      • EtCO2 Resolution: 0.1 mmHg (0-69)mmHg; 0.25mmHg (70-150)mmHg;
      • EtCO2 Accuracy: +/- 2mmHg (0-40)mmHg; +/- 5% (41-70)mmHg;+/- 8% (71-100)mmHg; +/- 10% (101-150)mmHg
      • Respiration Rate Measurement range: 0-150 bpm
      • Respiration Rate Accuracy: +/- 1bpm
      • Three levels of visual, audio alarms
      • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 50°C
      • Humidity: ≤95%
      • Altitude: -390m – 5,000m
      • Transport/Storage temperature: -20°C – 70°C

    • Dimensions: 73mm W x 127mm H x 23mm D
      • Maximum weight: 500g
      • Battery type: Lithium Polymer Battery Pack
      • Internal power supply: 3.7 – 4.2V/4400mhA
      • II type power adapter: Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz, Output DC 5V


    • Battery Capacity: ≥ 12 hours (SpO2 only)
    • Battery Capacity: ≥ 5 hours (SpO2 + CO2)


    Solris Ear Sensor 

    Solars pulse ox sensor came with two size clips

     Solaris Co2 probe 

    Solid State, durable mainstream Co2 probe for intubated patients

     Solaris sidestream CO2 module 

    Optional Sidestream Co2 module sampling at < 50mm/sec. Perfect for small animals or horses with large ET tubes

     Solaris Co2 Kit 

    Co2 kits include sampling tubes& adapters in two sizes to help minimise dead space for safer more accurate readings. Sidestream sample lines have built-in filters for moisture management without messy water traps.


    • Ear sensor
    • Mainstream CO2 Sensor
    • Protective Boot


    • Respironics Co2 sensor

































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