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Convex 3.5/5.0Mhz Colour Doppler Hand Held Ultrasound with PW-Gen4

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InterAktiv-Scan Gen4 Wireless Convex Colour Pocket  Real Time Ultrasound with PW.

The new Gen4 Colour Doppler Hand Held Ultrasound probes with 192 element 24 frame per second frame rate gives real imaging performance for any application.

Light weight, fast boot time compatible with iOS and Android devices and Win PC's to creates a go anywhere diagnostic tool. Store patient data, record measurement, share files and images. Can be used across multiple devices with the ease of App software, no subscription or licence fees.

How does it work: The probe connects via Wi-Fi to your own device, which can be iPhone, Ipad, Android phone or tablet or a PC running WIN10 operating system. The Ultrasound probe is discovered in the Wi-Fi setting page of your device and connects once selected. Open the software App and the unit is ready to scan.

Functions: Many functions found on larger real time ultrasound system can be found on the Wireless US such as: adjusting gain, dynamic range, focus position, depth, colour mode & sensitivity. The linear probes offer steer function in colour mode. There is also a biopsy mode which applies an adjustable guiding line for needle angle guide. On screen measurements can be done using the calliper setting were anchoring or moving measurement cursors with your finger or a stylus.

Like all ultrasounds, you can record patient data and save individual images to your devices memory or photo library as well as cine loop video

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  • -Scanning mode: Electronic array
  • -Display mode: B, B/M, colour, PW, PDI
  • -Frequency: Convex probe 3.5-5.0Mhz                 
  • -Scan Depth:  90mm~305mm, 
  •  -192 Element
  •  -Frame rate >24 f/s
  • -Measure: Distance, Area, OB
  • -Battery working time: 3 hours 
  • -Dimension: 156×60×20mm
  • -Weight: 270g
  • -Wifi type: 802.11g/20MHz/2.4G
  • -Working system: Apple iOS ( Vs 8.0+), Android & Windows 10
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